Sjabloon:Quote Release Date: July 13th, 2013

Nova is an antimatter themed Warframe who is somewhat fragile with low shield capacity, fair health and lacks in defensive abilities. In return, she features extremely powerful offensive abilities capable of demolishing entire waves of enemies. Nova materialized in Sjabloon:Ver.



Component blueprints drop from Raptor (Naamah, Europa).

The probability distribution of the parts is 38.72%, 38.72%, 22.56% for Neuroptics, Chassis, Systems as it is for most boss-rewarded warframe components, with an expected required number of tries to obtain each at least once of 7.

Warframe GuidesEdit

Sjabloon:GuideExhort See Category:Nova Guides to read user-made guides on how to play this Warframe.


  • Both the name and the abilities of this Warframe were chosen by submissions of Design Council being filtered by Digital Extremes then voting by the Design Council community.
  • Nova is one of the fastest Warframes with a base sprint speed second to Loki and tied with Mirage.
  • The term nova refers to the violent outbursts of energy that occur in cataclysmic variable stars. These variables are actually binary stars that consist of a tidally-distorted companion that accretes stellar material onto the surface of a white dwarf. In this accretion disk, the infalling matter is highly compressed on the white dwarf's surface due to its immense gravity. This process increases the pressure and temperature of the collected matter tremendously: enough to burn hydrogen. As this matter contains mostly hydrogen, runaway fusion reactions occur on the white dwarf's surface, producing an extremely bright thermonuclear outburst.
  • According to Nova's profile, her Warframe was a result of Tenno High Council research. This is widely believed to be a nod to the Design Council that aided in Nova's creation.
  • Nova is the last Warframe with a helmet that grants statistical changes (The Flux Nova Helmet), as all helmets released from Nekros onward have since been entirely cosmetic.
  • Currently one of four frames that has three alternate helmets, the others being Loki, Excalibur, and Vauban.


  • Dying while wearing a different helmet and using a different color scheme causes Nova's head to return to default coloring.

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